naughii amrin (fakeblond) wrote in xo_armani,
naughii amrin


jus wanted to make a quick post <3 hiya'll lets get this community going!!! :]

these are jus a few of what i have on my wish list, u wanna buy for me? go ahead<3 lol

i want this abercrombie sweatshirt, i think it's ctue.. but i need $50 to get it :[

..i've noticed lots of "off the sholder" knits are in!
Like this one from bebe, i got one... and i love it!!

This is sooooooo.. cute it's also by bebe. Reminds me
of something that Britney Spears would wear. It had very
pretty detailed beading. <3 but it's $89.00

xoxo- am
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<3 i have that sweatshirt! surprisingly i got it for real cheap. it was like, 20 bucks less than what you're paying. ? i have no idea why :)

ah! Your lucky!!! I was going to buy
it but it's to much, it'll eventually
go on sale! Then ill get my hands on it!

you have awesome taste in fashion, girl !!
i LOVE that abercrombie&fitch
hoodie + that bebe off-the shoulder top is
simply GORGEOUS! i want it all. mwaha <333
yes exactly...we have the same taste in clothing...haha I need to get one of the citi cash card things so I can buy stuff from online :) I need to go abercrombie shopping. wooo yeah haha